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It’s been a while since ’till death do we part’ gave way to ’till love lasts’, at least in some countries which began to accept marriage as a very reversible decision. But now the world may have gone one better. Presenting, ‘cuffing’. A trend that some say, started late 2019 in New York. 

Cuffing is the art of getting hitched – but just for the winter. It’s apparently based on compatibility, exactly like marriage. Only, it’s for the short term and both parties want it just that way. Cosy evenings, long strolls, great conversations, all stemming from a certain level of ‘meeting of minds’; without the weight of long term expectations or the eventual boredom that stifles many rigid relationships. Again, like in a marriage, the cuffed partner is expected to stay faithful till Spring, when both would go their own ways. Those who have cuffed, can’t stop gushing: it’s a great way to see the holiday season through with a partner to share all with, yet there is no guilt when the eventual goodbye arrives because that was the basis of the relationship. Over 80% have said they would do it again. 

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