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The upside of learning music at this age.

If you’ve ever dreamt of playing the guitar, you’ll know it’s a dream that never really goes away. As teenagers living in the black void of angst, it was songs of unrequited love that we imagined we were playing to our crushes. In college we were envious of the metal-head shredding it on stage. By our thirties, after a hard day’s work came boisterous office parties that usually ended with singing. And we wished it had been us strumming those strings.

So, while many of us may have played amateur gigs on a Tuesday pub-night with only our friends in the audience, others may be a little rusty, getting away with the only three chords we know at every gathering. And some of us have never even picked up a guitar in our lives.

It doesn’t matter. If you feel like you’ve missed the chance to play, you couldn’t be more wrong. We’re free of obligations, carefree, curious, and not answerable to anyone and there’s no better time than now to be the rockstar you always wanted to be. 

If you’re worried that it’s too late to learn how to play music, here’s good news. Neuroscientists and music teachers alike say it’s never too late. In fact, with a greater learning ability, a better grasp of concepts and the persistence needed to master an instrument, we are at more of an advantage, than younger beginners. 

The teacher makes all the difference. 

You don’t want to be in a class full of kids half your size. Choose a teacher who understands how our hands and mind respond to playing music at our age, who adapts the pace of the class, the method of instruction and recommends solutions specific to our needs. It’s always good to go with someone’s recommendation of a teacher who has experience teaching students in your age group. 

Pro Tip Our ears are tuned to knowing what good music sounds like. This can make beginners painfully aware of botched rhythms and sour notes. It may be hard and humbling, but don’t give up. Learn at a pace that is comfortable yet challenging enough for you. Most importantly have fun!

These music schools now offer online classes for students of different ages – Taaqademy by members of the band ‘Thermal and a Quarter’ and The Red Music Box by Varun Murali of the band ‘Swarathma’. You can pick up new gear from Musician’s Friend.

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