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The long walk home.

Manmohan Anchan’s artistry goes far beyond the 3 decades he spent creating award winning campaigns with some of India’s leading advertising agencies. With an impulsive and restless style (that includes working with paper, paint, ink, metal and photography), Maac, (as he is better known) 55, draws inspiration from the chaos of everyday life to create a magical world, roaring with soul and beauty.

Featured here is a selection from his series titled ‘Namma Warriors’, his tribute to the migrant workers whose lives were disrupted by the Covid crisis during the early part of the lockdown. Interpreted in ink, newsprint, and wire sculptures, these pieces are stunning reminders of their choicelessness, the arduousness of their journeys home, and their overwhelming instinct to seek out a safe haven in spite of it all.

To see more of his work visit and @manmohan_anchan on Instagram.

Not comfortable going to exhibitions during this time? Guess what, the NGMA now has virtual galleries. If you like to collect art, we recommend Mahua Gallery, with a range of contemporary Indian art that’s easy on your pocket. 

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