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What makes K-dramas so popular with women across age groups all over the world? They’re usually melodramatic, loaded with tropes like fated love and past life connections, have cheesy dialogues, and invite smirks from anyone who happens to catch us watching them. Yet they are something of a guilty pleasure. Like Mills & Boon romance novels and chocolate at midnight.

If you’ve ever been curious about the genre but didn’t know where to start, we picked 3 shows we know older women will love. Critically acclaimed, cliché free and fabulously fun to watch, these shows just might have you falling deep into the abyss of the world of K-drama from which there is no coming back. You’ve been warned! 

Reply 1988
Image Courtesy : Netflix

Set in Seoul in the late 1980’s, the show follows the everyday lives of a group of high school friends, their families, their growing pains, little joys and big moments.

Why we love it: Pure nostalgia! The show is replete with the teenage struggles, pop culture references, and all too familiar events from the late 80s. A return to innocence journey, filled with 80’s staples like potlucks and neighbourhood sleepovers, rotary phones and Walkmans, turtle necks and perms, practically every scene will take you back to a special memory from the pure and unhurried life of your teens.

Where to watch: Netflix | 20 episodes

Crash Landing on You
Image Courtesy : Wikipedia

A wonderful and sometimes weird tale of a South Korean heiress who accidentally paraglides into the North and falls in love with a chivalrous army officer.

Why we love it: Chivalrous leading man! Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, played to perfection by the handsome Hyun Bin, is the veritable Mr. Darcy, all us Jane Austen fans dreamed of, growing up (and let’s face it, some of us still do). His chemistry with the spunky Yoon Seri (played by Son Ye-jin) is off the charts. You’ll find yourself torn between wanting the star-crossed lovers to have a happy ending and not wanting the show to end at all.

Where to watch: Netflix | 16 episodes

A Witch’s Romance
Image Courtesy : Rakuten Viki

A romantic comedy in the true sense of the genre. The show is about a successful reporter and a man 15 years her junior who find themselves unexpectedly falling in love.

Why we love it: Rocking older woman! In a refreshing change from the young, damsel in distress K-drama stereotype, the leading lady is a complete bad ass. Even after finding love softens her once bitter character, she remains independent, career focused, funny and confident right till the very end. Very empowering.

Where to watch: Rakuten Viki | 16 episodes

What TV shows are you obsessed with right now? Tell us in the comments below. 

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