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JOMO - The Acronym We Didn’t Know We Inspired.


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Of all the unintelligible words we’ve heard from millennials, the worst has got to be FOMO! The dreadful acronym of an even more dreadful phenomenon. Fear of Missing Out. (The anxiety triggered by the belief that one is missing out on an interesting experience happening elsewhere.) Riddled with pressures of ‘keeping up’, shallow validation of ‘likes’, and the sheer physical fatigue of trying to do it all, FOMO is just a cool name for something we’ve all had to endure – youth.

But since we’ve BTDT – Been There, Done That (Oh look! We’re cool too!), we can guarantee there’s an antidote out there. Growing up! Or as the millennials like to call it…JOMO – Joy of Missing Out. The sheer bliss of staying home on a Saturday night watching our favourite movie for the 43rd time, travelling to places we really want to see (not necessarily on a blogger’s list of ’22 places to visit before you die’), being able to eat a great meal without having to take a picture of it first, doing what we want, when we want and who we want to do it with. And the realisation that it’s not more time we need but a more meaningful way to spend the time that we have.

JOMO? We’ve been FIFY (Feeling It For Years)! So, while millennials can stake claim to coining the acronym, we’ll take credit for showing them the way, thank you very much!

In what ways do you think our generation is better off than the next? Tell us in the comments below.

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