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Why you like dishes that you probably never did as a kid.

Since our very first memory of food, to what we ate last night, a lot has changed. Over time, our senses fade. It’s the reason we go nuts on the salt these days or start every dinner party with, “Meethe mein kya hai?” Moreover, taste and smell go hand in hand. It’s our sense of smell that tells us whether we’re sitting down to have Pad-thai or Paella. No wonder, we don’t enjoy certain food as much as we used to. And even lose out on the good nutritious stuff.

Thinking about all this left a bitter taste in our mouths. But oddly enough, we liked it. You see, over time, we start to enjoy bitter and sour food. A lot of which is rich in nutrients. Guess our taste buds are not just older, they are wiser. With time, we grow disillusioned with our first love, sugar. We aren’t attracted to greasy, junk food like it were a bad boy. We like the strong kick of spice, the bitter vatthal seeds, the smelly cheeses and the darkest greens you can find.

As kids we don’t go gaga over the different textures of food, and now, we’re like bring it on! Get us those crunchy nuts, the grainy mustard, the slippery oysters, the fibrous multigrain bread and the stringy tapioca. The food that’s not just fried or frozen but that’s baked, grilled, blanched, roasted, poached, stewed and braised. We’re becoming more adventurous eaters, and dramatically expanding our culinary experiences. It just so happens, that variety can make meals more enticing and can build better nutrition into what you’re eating.

Pesto, blue cheese, soufflé, dark chocolate, anchovies, aubergine, salmon, spinach, broccoli, squash, heck, even wine! All the food you despised as a kid, because it’s too squishy or bitter or pungent, now brings out the child in you. It’s food that you’ll neither share nor refrain from stealing. And the best part is, it’s not just food you love, but food that loves you back.

Since this is the best time to experiment with food and try new things, you’ve got to look into some of these brands we love – Eat More Cheese (Kase), Begum Victoria Cheese and Soklet. Best of all, read Goya Journal to find exotic and authentic Indian culinary dishes as well as traditions.  

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