Sun, soil and sand.


Why indoor plants are comforting during the pandemic.

Thanks to the pandemic we’ve never been this shuttered in, had this much time to spare or been this uneasy in our own homes. The little things that once gave us peace now seem stifling. That favourite armchair is no longer a refuge the TV has become nothing but a bearer of bad news, and if we hear one more chirping bird, we might all turn into murderers. It seems like no matter what we do, the negativity just doesn’t go away. But some of us have found comfort in an unexpected saviour. Indoor plants. 

Indoor plants are so much more than home décor. Their benefits go far beyond their aesthetic. Studies have shown that they boost mood, productivity and creativity. They increase humidity, lower air temperature, reduce airborne dust levels and improve the quality of indoor air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. And most importantly they reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being. So much cheaper than getting a therapist.

But just as every home needs a plant, every plant needs a home as well. There’s a world of lovely beauties in all sizes to choose from. Planters brighten up every nook and cranny of your space, whether it is a little corner of your living room, a sunshiney balcony or a sprawling garden. Giving being stuck at home a much-needed upside. Explore some of our favourite brands like Beruru, Mora Taara, The Purple Turtles, 220V of Love, EcoFynd and Zufolo that offer stunning planters in metal, ceramic, jute, terracotta and many more interesting materials.

So, whether we’re longtime enthusiasts or novices just discovering our love for plants, there’s no better time than now to be a home gardener.

If you’re keen on doing up your home with plants, Urban Mali and My Sunny Balcony offer services such as landscaping, home gardening and decorating urban spaces with green. Know of more such services? Tell us in the comments below. 

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