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Beena Namshum with her home baked goodies.

If there’s anything new we’ve discovered about ourselves during lockdown it’s our love-hate relationship with the kitchen. With most restaurants closed, the pressure to keep every meal interesting is at an all-time high and with WFH being what it is, the motivation to follow through is shockingly low. 

Fifty Rocks community member, Beena Namshum, 72, homebound since March, and tired of constantly coming up with meal ideas, has taken to Instagram for inspiration to keep things interesting for her family yet simple for herself. 

She recommends Meghna Jaswal Mohan’s page as one of her favourites. She says, “She posts really easy to follow recipes and they always turn out really delicious.”We explored Meghna’s page Chefmegskitchen and found it absolutely droolworthy. She posts both common and exotic recipes, but the best part is the simplicity of the process. We reached out to her to find out more about her cooking mantra. She says, “I’m always looking for hacks to make recipes simpler. If any French pastry chefs are reading this, they’re probably rolling their eyes at me.” 

Chef Meghna Jaswal Mohan

Meghna spent years working as a chef in various Hyatt properties around the world and successfully ran her own corporate food company before she got married and moved to Singapore. Now, stretched for time with two toddlers in the house, she focuses on making cooking easier and healthier. Having mastered the art of simplifying exciting global recipes she shares her tricks on how to create delectable dishes breaking them down into easy steps. With easy-to-access ingredients, minimal prep and cooking time, and a step by step guide accompanied by pictures and videos, all her recipes make the process fun and stress-free and the end result simply delicious. 

Here are some of our favourite finds from Chefmegskitchen.
If you have made any interesting discoveries on social media, please share them with us in the comments below. 

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