Building Immunity After Fifty: With Mariam Begg, Health & Nutrition Coach.


We had a good time learning more about how our immunity works and the food we can have to build it. We’ve made you an e-book that covers every important point we need to keep in mind and of course, the delicious recipes demonstrated by Mariam Begg, that you can now try at home.

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Here’s what the talk was all about:

Do you find yourself falling ill more often as the years progress? Do you feel that foods you once enjoyed now simply don’t suit you? Is the fear of Covid making you pop every immunity boosting pill you can get your hands on? In this webinar we learn:

  1. How immunity gets compromised – Things you may not realise are severely compromising your body’s ability to fight infections and viruses.
  2. How to effectively build immunity – The importance of reducing inflammation and some simple practices to do so.
  3. Things we can do – Immunity boosters, your food & simple health hacks to build your body’s resistance.
  4. A demo of 2 easy and delicious immunity boosting recipes.
Guest Presenter: Mariam Begg

Mariam Begg is a certified health and nutrition coach from the Institute of Integrative NutritionNY. Her keen interest in Health and Nutrition has led to a lifetime of learning and researching a more holistic approach to balancing busy urban lifestyles.

She has conducted a number of talks, workshops and YouTube shows on the importance of managing health in simple daily practices as well as coaching and educating people about the plant based diet with raw food classes and simple cooking. She is the creator of the successful 3-day cleanse in Bangalore and is now taking her love to teaching everything health further with her brand new Online Masterclass Series called Eat Clean Reset this September.

Her expertise lies in understanding and facilitating the promotion of Primary Health Foods and Holistic Health. Her approach views good health as the coming together of food, mental and emotional spheres, interpersonal relationships, spirituality and career as facilitators or impediments in the achievement of optimal health.