Avoid Losing Muscle Mass During Quarantine.


At-home fitness regime for those over 50.

Sarcopenia, despite sounding like a lewd name you’d call Covid-19 if it was a person, literally means the loss of muscle mass, strength and function related to aging.

Disuse of muscle is one of the biggest triggers of sarcopenia. Long periods of decreased activity and a sedentary lifestyle can become a vicious cycle. Muscle strength decreases resulting in fatigue which makes it more difficult to return to normal activity. This means that unless you’ve been working out at home during quarantine (not counting bartan, jhadoo, pochcha), you’re probably setting yourself up for some serious damage in your later years.

After we hit 30, we lose as much as 3-8% of muscle mass with every decade, and the decline worsens after 60. This affects not just how we look in swimsuits, or our physical abilities but also causes frailty. That’s why, many older people we know fall so often, sometimes never completely recovering.   

The good news is that sarcopenia is avoidable, can be prevented from progressing, and to some degree, is reversible. Here are a few ways to preserve the muscle you’ve got and continue living a rocking, independent lifestyle for longer.

  • GET REGULAR EXERCISE: While resistance trainingfitness training, and walking at least 10,000 steps every day are usually your best bets against losing muscle mass, any form of home exercise, is better than doing nothing while waiting for the pandemic to end.
  • A BALANCED DIET: Even if you aren’t deficient in calories, proteins, and certain minerals and vitamins, getting higher doses of some key nutrients can promote muscle growth or enhance the benefits of exercise. Foods rich in Proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids help you maintain muscle mass.
  • HORMONE REGULATION: Estrogen preserves muscle, testosterone builds muscle and growth hormones contribute to muscular performance. All three need to be balanced and performing properly to help combat sarcopenia. Get your hormone levels checked when possible and if anything seems off, work towards rebalancing them by consulting a doctor.
Have you been working out at home? Share tips for the rest of us in the comments below. You can also find online exercise groups on Fitternity, Cure Fit and Healthify Me. And when it comes to healthy eating, Right Living is highly recommended. 

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