Life after Fifty Rocks.

It all started as a casual conversation between friends (we’re middle aged and loving it!) about how our generation is completely ignored. Why is it that everywhere we look we see billboards and TV commercials with only youthful faces living great lives? Why is it so hard to find stuff we like? Why is it that the only time someone talks to us directly it’s to sell us adult diapers or enroll us in needlework classes? Why is it that the moment we turn grey we’re expected to slow down, wear beige and lead duller lives?

Because the truth is, the over 50 generation is usually the noisiest table at bars, the most adventurous travellers, the fittest gym goers, the most passionate foodies, the coolest dressers, the most colourful personalities, the biggest spenders and the keenest seekers of fun. Rocking in every way imaginable!

So, we started FIFTY ROCKS. A space for people living their best lives after 50 to discover experiences, inspiration, share ideas, showcase talents and get to know each other. Here’s a world that truly celebrates our lifestyle!

Srikanth, Rimona and Binoy,

Founders, Fifty Rocks.