A Soulmate In Our Passion For Slow Fashion.


While at fifty we know who we are and are authentic to our personal styles, there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t dare to try an audacious print, a bright colour or a bold silhouette. There should be no do’s and don’ts we’re bound by. So, while we aren’t all walking around in animal printed jumpsuits and purple feathered hats, more power to those of us who want to! 

The only rule we believe is unbreakable is the concept of Slow Fashion. An approach that considers processes and resources focusing on sustainability, better-quality and longevity. 

And in this belief, we found a soulmate in Meraki. A womenswear brand built on a strong set of values that we totally vibe with. Rejecting the principles of Fast Fashion that juggle cost efficiency and speed of production to cash in on trends, Meraki focuses instead on Slow and Responsible Fashion. Timelessness, great quality, soulful simplicity, and the coming together of function and aesthetics. 

Why we love Meraki:

Meraki’s range of tops, tunics, shirts, and dresses are crafted in natural and sustainable fabrics and designed for all body types and ease of movement.

Aesthetics: Minimalist, classy and so very pleasing to the eye!

Versatility: We’d just as happily wear one of these beauties to brunch as we would to work. 

Floating Sizes: Plus size does not equal shapeless! This concept caters to larger women and is developed for extra room around the shoulder, bust, waist and hip for great drapes and flattering fits!

Customer oriented: Meraki puts the ‘care’ in Customer Care. They communicate with you directly to make sure you’ve picked the right size and follow up with calls to check if you’re happy. So rare!

Comfort: Need we elaborate?

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If you have a favourite slow fashion brand, do let us know in the comments below. 

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